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横浜のフィットネス・スポーツジムならMM Begin


Membership Information & Contact

Contact to MMBegin by E-mail

How to Join

Don't worry if it is your first time at a fitness club!
We offer programs that you can enjoy even if you are a beginner, and the latest equipment that is easy to use.
Why not start a fitness routine to suite your goals such as dieting or maintaining your health?

What kind of place is
MM Begin?
MM Begin (Minato Mirai Fitness Club Begin) is a membership-based fitness club. Once you join, you can use all of the facilities (machine gym, studios, pool) during operating hours. You can also freely participate in all studio and pool programs except those requiring a separate fee.
Touring the facilities Our staff will show you around our facilities while explaining how to use them and the services available. We will also offer suggestions on selecting the right membership type to best match your lifestyle. Please make a reservation before visiting.
Requesting information We will post documentation providing information on the facilities and price charts. Please inquire via telephone or the request form.

Prospective members must apply in person.
A photograph for use on the membership card will be taken when you apply.

  • ・Admission fee JPY9,524 (JPY10,285 inc. tax)
  • ・Administrative fee JPY4,762 (JPY5,142 inc. tax)
  • ・1 to 1.5 months membership fee must be paid in cash when signing up.
  • ・Savings account's card only.
  • ・Identification (driver's license, insurance certificate, passport, etc.)
  • * The identification document provided must contain your current address.
  • * A photograph for use on the membership card will be taken when you apply.

Membership may be denied for the following applicants.

  • ・Persons prohibited from exercise by a doctor

  • ・Pregnant women

  • ・Persons with a contagious disease that may infect others

  • ・Persons with tattoos (including fashion tattoos)

  • ・Members of organized crime syndicates, members associated with antisocial forces, drug users

  • ・Persons deemed unsuitable by MM Begin

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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