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横浜のフィットネス・スポーツジムならMM Begin


Membership Information & Contact

Contact to MMBegin by E-mail


Use TRECO to continue exercise that matches your objectives such as dieting or maintaining your health.

The training record IC (TRECO IC) is a convenient function supporting the training of all members. If used with a training record notebook (TRECO Note), members can efficiently record their exercise.

First, check in.

TRECO IC can be used with the IC chip in the IC locker card given o you at the front desk. IC locker keys are for lockers in various sizes, and you can choose one to suit you.

Then use TRECO at the studio, machine gym and pool.

Swipe the card before your lesson starts in the studio!

Records of participation in lessons are automatically recorded in the self data for each member along with the calories consumed.

Swipe the card when you enter the machine gym or the pool!

A record of your entry is recorded in the database.

Training records are written to your TRECO Note.

ステップ3 「TRECO(トレコ)ノート」に書き込んだトレーニング記録を「セルフデータ登録パソコン」にどんどん登録!

The training records written to the TRECO Note are steadily recorded in the self-data registration PC.
(Records of participation in studio lessons are automatically reflected in the day after use)
You can individually accumulate fitness records.

The TRECO records used by members are steadily being collected in a database.
By accumulating information such as usage frequency and popular lessons, TRECO is offering great support for the fitness of MM Begin members, such as being useful in forming programs that match needs.